Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A famosa je...


19-20hb APRIL, 2012

Just a short vacay coz got cheap  package thru MATTA FAIR.
1 bedroom condo just cost me only rm40 for 2d1n stay...
Children had fun there coz they loves animals. But location from 1 show to other show is quite far... bepelohhh ketiak!
1st nite, went to PARAMESWARA, Umbai for dinner. Superb!!
2nd nite (last day b4 going back home) went to Kuala Sg,Duyong (as suggested by Abg Beca).. but feel dissappointed with the meals n service. Price also! Hmmmpppp......

Our next vacay is on June! cant waittttttt.....huhuhuhu..

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mamalieyna said...

best jln2...nak pergi lg nnti, dat day dh pergi, tp sekejap je jln2, byk tmpt kt melaka tuk dilawati kan..

beraninye anak2...^_^

*oooh khalis dh berbeza sungguh dia skrg kan..semangat, kalah arif la kalau dok sebelah ni..hehe~