Friday, March 2, 2012


Dear MR.

Thanks for your kind of remind me to update my bank account details.
You are very kind-hearted (betul ke wording ni?) :) You know that my CIMB Clicks Account is not regularly active. Yes... you are right.
But may i ask u a question?
How do you detected my CIMB Clicks account is irregularly activate?
Because fyi, until now I have never open an account with CIMB....
So can u tell me, how i can have CIMB Clicks account if i am not a client of CIMB Bank?



Korang sure ada yg penah dapat phishing email mcm ni kan? Apa yg korang buat? Dulu aku penah dapat dari Maybank Phishing account
gitu la.... then aku report kat MAYBANK via email. Sebab aku baca kat web M2u, kalo sape2 ade dpt phishing email cam ni
bole buat report. Tapi until now aku tatau ape terjadi kat report aku tu.... so buang masa. Maka bila dpt email begini, sila cllick X sahaja. heheheh

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