Monday, May 5, 2008

Thinking off....

Yess.. rite now, im thinking of celebrating Mother's Day. I missed this important moment last year. Y? maybe at that time im just became a new mom, n forgot to celebrate coz still bz with my 2mths old baby. Okey, other than that, we'll celebrating OUR 2nd year anniversary by end of May. Phew~~! Last year, we had a dinner at Resident Hotel Seafood Restaurant. I still remember the sweet moment. While we had our delicious seafood, a live band came to us and ask to request any songs. My Lovely Husband request 1 song, than they sang 'Happy Birthday To You... Happy Birthday To you....' Owh.. it's my birthday!!! We had celebrating Our 1st year anniversary together with my birthday. Thx dear...

N yet, we're still thinking of the celebration. But this time, mebbe we're going somewhere. We've plan to go somewhere. But still in d planning. Since I cant leave my work n office for a long time, we need to schedule our trip nicely. So where will we going? Tadaaaa..

Meditation? Spa? Owh i really love..

Island? I love the scenery. Last time I've been 'there' for working purposes. This time if im going 'there' again, i hope to have enuff time to do some mind theraphy. Hehehe... So hopefully our planning will be reality.

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